Teams must be between 5-25 dancers
(score sheets will be emailed out within 7 days after the event)

Dancers CAN NOT compete in more that one team.

Penalties will be used for the following:

  • Swearing or any bad language in music
  • Music over allotted time
  • Inappropriate movement
  • There must be no more than 25% above the age category in the team.



8 & Under/10 & Under/12 & Under/14 & Under/16 & Under/17+

Newcomers – No more than 2:00 minutes allowed.

Intermediate – No more than 2:30 minutes allowed.

Advanced – No more than 3:00 minutes allowed.



Newcomer – If you HAVE NOT been placed in the TOP 3 in any other Street Dance Competition in the UK/Ireland this then category is for you.
Intermediate – If you HAVE been placed in the TOP 3 in any other Street Dance Competition Newcomer in the UK/Ireland then this category is for you.
 – If you HAVE been placed in the TOP 3 in any other Street Dance Competition Intermediate in the UK/Ireland OR a teacher is competing then this category is for you.




    With the rise in Youtube over the past couple of years and non street style (foundational) choreography being popular

    this section is where you will be judged on non foundation street dance styles

    You will be judged on

    – Cleanliness of dancers in the team

    – The precision of movement

    – The synchronicity of dancers

    – The ability of the team as a whole

    (please note that if your whole set is made up of foundational styles then you will still be judged on the guidelines set above.)



    This is where you will be judged how well you execute the foundation styles in your team performance.

    Age and level will be taken into account.

    We also expect more diversity in the steps and encourage you to look into the styles and the different vocabulary available

    We suggest showing at least 3 foundation styles throughout your routine. 2 points will be awarded for each style shown, gaining a maximum of 6 bonus points.

    A further 4 points can be gained for the quality of those styles

    We need to see at least 2x8 for the style to count

    Focus should be on Quality not Quantity

    There won’t be any deductions for more than 3 styles shown.

    Styles we recognise are

    – HIP HOP

    – HOUSE



    – KRUMP







    This is where you are judged on your use of the floor and how the team moves around it.

    How clean your formations and the shapes are.

    Smooth transitions from position to position.

    Use of original movement



    This is where you will be judged on your interpretation of the music.

    Originality of moves

    Original music choices.

    Complexity of music phrasing.

    Creativity of movement to music/lyrics



    This is where you will be judged on your performance.

    The energy the team bring to the floor.

    The enthusiasm that every member brings.

    The confidence in the performance.

    How engaged with the judges and audience the team are.




A non-refundable deposit of £5 / €7 per dancer and spectator (if paying individually) or 50% per dancer / spectator if booking as a school, is required to secure a place at a SDC event.


The final balance is due 7 days prior to the SDC event you have booked on or cash on the day.


If you need to amend your registration & booking numbers of dancers & spectators please email 7 days prior to the event you have booked onto. Any amendments to your booking after the deadline date, your tickets will still need to be paid for in full. However you are more than welcome to sell your tickets to someone else.


However, if you need to cancel your registration or any dancer/spectator tickets you have pre-ordered and paid for in full, a part refund will be refunded within the first 7 days of purchase. Refunds are issued within 7 days after each SDC event.