Justin Bieber Children Dancers

2016 – SOAR had 16 dancers dance on stage with JUSTIN BIEBER as part of THE PURPOSE TOUR 2016. 

After being contacted  by some of the Justin Bieber Team, Soar Director Josh Ricketts went through the Soar and HDI Kids database to contact local dancers who he knew would be up for the challenge to dance with the worlds biggest artist.
What an opportunity this was for them, kids who have worked and trained so hard getting to dance in front of 12-15,000 people at such a young age!

Contacting ASH Company, Stagepro, ViaDance and others that have come to our events we got to choose 16 dancers that would dance over 5 Justin Bieber Shows in both Birmingham and Manchester.

Keep your eye out on upcoming HDI Kids and Soar Workshops with chances of being part of the Soar family and getting involved in opportunities this year.


Your chance to dance with Justin Bieber in his Purpose Tour Stadium Shows! What an incredible opportunity Justin & his amazing team of dancers are bringing to us in the UK/Ireland again!! They’re looking for children and its open to anyone!! You may have seen this global competition already as this has been happening around the world. You have until JUNE to upload and you will find out if you made it a week before the show. It’s up to you to make it happen. Have fun creating your videos. #purposetourchildren #stadiumtour #london #cardiff #dublin